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20 Yellowstone Street is a geared to income community located at Topcliffe Avenue and Finch Ave. West in the Jane and Finch community of North York in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This small cluster of townhomes was built in the 1960s-70s and is owned by the TCHC. This community consists of extreme diversity both in culture and economic need as it was originally developed as a model suburb in response to the rapid urban growth of Toronto. The community was planned to accommodate a higher need population with its low income and public housing, but no thought was given to the social infra-structure needed to sustain community life. As development crept around Jane and Finch, clashes between income and racial groups became inevitable within its communities such as Yellowstone. Soon after it was established, Jane and Finch was already being portrayed as a hub for crime, drug dealing and social problems. Its residents, hailing from a multitude of ethno-cultural groups and speaking a variety of different languages, had few resources to address the many, difficult challenges facing the community. Just like other adjective housing communites in Jane and Finch, Yellowstone has a high percentage of teen mothers, working poor and a disproportionately high number of families with children under 16, including many single parent families. This complex is affectionately referred to as "Y-Block" by local area youths and falls under the Down-Bottom "card" as it has been claimed as territory of a local Bloods set dubbed the Y-Block Bloods gang from since the late 1990s.


Homes Hit With Gunfire