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Walkley is a street in the heart of Notre-Dame-de-Grace, Montreal, Canada with the reputation for blatant drug trafficing and gang activity between Côte St-Luc and Fielding. Walkley met a memoric day in the year of 2007 when the Police Of Montreal organized "Project Walkley" which was a raid on the All Bout Crips gang and the BG'z.


Walkley has always been considerd a 'no-go' area for outsiders, this despite the strides in regentafication this area has sustained over the years. But dispite the many efforts of police, local polititians and community members, this street is still considered territory of the Blues or Crips gang. Walkley Avenue is also home to several Montreal artists such as The Black Gloves and Da Pimp Class.


Walkley Avenue's Bad Reputation

Man Stabbed on Walkley Ave.

Police Raid Net 13