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Dogg, str8 goods, I'm from downtown, son. I ain't gonna tell u where exactly only kuz it's real in the field and I don't know u from know where (u could b bwoy dem 4 all I know). I do NOT take this shit seriously, I ain't even watch nothing pan dis still, yo. This is shit I do 2 kill time in between time, yazeeit. I'm just saying I hang down Islington, I'm up and down it from the 401 2 steeles, I got fam in Duncanwoods AND San Pietro Way, and in buildings along Islington, and even though some of those buildings got niguz in it, they STILL can't be put in the SAME CONTEXT as other turfs.

That's why you won't see NO Brampton, Sauga, Peel Region, Malton or them places bigged up on this site, kuz them places just start get bad di odda day. And all it is is T.O. niguz relocating. But that ain't no history, man...Finch got History...M.O & Jamestown got history...Regent, Malvern and Jungle been tough from way back when.

U can't disrespect the niguz that died over some REAL shit by putting them in the same context of those who take this shit fi joke. Who only bang colors kuz they're favorite rapper does...NAH MAN, nuttin can gwa'an so.

No disrespect 2 u and yours, but this is bigger than u and me. I got nough niguz from my block that got slumped, that held serious gwop and lost it, that's doing fed time, not no likkle don/east/west ting. And 2 put them long side no name niguz that ain't putting no work in, but picked up their favorite color and decided 2 put the words crip or blood after their street name ain't happening.

Bless up, doggie.