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Man, I hope you ain't talking bout that little apartment building on Islington, south of Finch where all those so-called Bloods r always hanging...I KNOW you ain't calling THAT no turf.

Islington is a real STREET, NOT turf. U ever heard anybody outside of your 2 man click call it "izzy", kuz I HAVEN'T, and I par with S.P/Duncanwoods man dem. No fucking pop up crews/turf aloud. Can't have every young buck trying 2 give their little section some clout by posting online the time of day. Ya'll are pathetic. Islington is a street...NOT a turf...plain and simple...and worst, don't be claiming some off-brand, no name, pop up click on some blood and crip shit...that's BEYOND pathetic.

Who's the OG's on your block? Some 20 year old? Get da fuk outta here. How come NOBODY ain't heard of your so-called block b4? How many men got slumped there? How many men from there been gatt?? And you're not a real hood if you're dick ryding Ardwick HARD.

Stop embarrasing yourself and your city. But I'll give u a and prove. If you're turf is real as u claim, it should've made headlines in some point in time...SHOW AND PROVE. Posting it online doesn't make it hood.