The Clippers

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The Clippers are a violent street gang based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada known for cocaine dealing, intimidation and violence. Although most members of The Clippers are black, the ethnic backgrounds of members vary from African Canadian, West Indian and Sudanese. This gang is very fragmented, police claim, as membership is spread through out North America. The Calgary faction of this gang was dealt a serious blow in 2007 with a joint police take-down dubbed Operation Barbershop. From The Clippers' bust, police seized six handguns, more than 400 rounds of ammunition, 400 grams of cocaine worth $32,000, one kilogram of marijuana worth an estimated $10,000, and more than $50,000 in cash. They laid more than 150 charges mainly involving drugs and firearms against 19 people.


Operation Barbershop Nets Drugs/Guns

Gang Member Jailed Over Cocaine

Calgarian Deported Over Alleged Gang Connections