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You honestly believe that because Get Rich Or Die Tryin', Four Brothers or any other American film were filmed in Canada, is because ya'll have more of a ghetto appeal?!


They're shot in Canada because it is CHEAPER to shoot films there rather then in New York or Detroit. Don't over-whelm yourself, sonny... the public housing units in Toronto look like well maintained buildings. You compare "Regent Park" to the likes of Cabrini Green Housing in Chicago, and they are nothing similar to one another. Regent Park would be a pleasure cruise compared to the likes of the Brewster-Douglass Projects in Detroit, BW Cooper Housing in New Orleans or the Stella Wright Projects in Newark.

Last but not least, at one point didn't rap artists from Toronto have to front like they were from New York in ORDER to get recognition?!

Pretty pathetic on a Toronto Emcee's Behalf. Not to mention, I see these videos shot in your supposed "hoods" with 15-20 of their closest friends, dancing behind them with du-rags and New Era Fitteds on in front of a slab brick wall with graffiti written on it, meanwhile elderly white folks and high-class citizens driving their Lincolns and Cadillacs in the background, gallavanting to a damn Justin Bieber song. Yeah. You guy's are SOOOO 'hood with it.