Stovetop Rexdale Crips

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The Stovetop Rexdale Crips are a mid-size African-Canadian street gang founces in the Rexdale section of the northwest suburb of Etobicoke in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Believed to have been founded in the early 1990's, the Stovetop Crips were among the first neighbourhoods to claim the Rexdale Crips card along with the Doomstown Rexdale Crips. Their turf is centered around a series of town-homes along 1801 to 1827 Martin Grove Road, commonly referred to as 'Stovetop'; which gave this gang its moniker. The Stovetop Crips are cliqued up with the Jamestown Crips and are friendly towards the O-Blocc Rexdale Crips. They are rivals of the Mount Olive Crips, Up-Top Driftwood Crips, Up-Top Shoreham Crips, South Side Falstaff Crips, the Dixon City Bloods and Ardwick Blood Crew. Like many Toronto gangs, the Stovetop Crips are multi-racial with the core of its members being of Somalian, Ethiopian, Ghanaian and Caribbean descent.


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