Orton Park

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Orton Park is a road in Scarborough, Ontario which runs north and south between Ellesmere road and Lawrence Ave. East, just east of Markham road. At the foot of Orton Park road and Lawrence Ave. East is a small community housing complex of town homes and low rises where gun violence and gang activity are prevalent. This patch, containing TCHC low-rises and townhouses, is on Lawrence Ave. East across from Orton Park Road amidst the larger Woburn neighbourhood in the former City of Scarborough. TCHC's Lawrence Orton buildings are located at 3939 and 3947 Lawrence Ave. East. The housing in the patch is in major disrepair. This patch is somewhat isolated from surrounding neighbourhoods by water on three sides and Lawrence Ave. East on the remaining side. There are slim employment opportunities in the immediate area.


Since the 1980s this neighbourhood has grown through an expanding population of new Canadians. Being somewhat isolated and inaccessible with minimal employment opportunities in the vicinity, Orton Park is a community designated by the City of Toronto and the United Way as one of Toronto’s 13 priority neighbourhoods in need of renewal. The public housing is territory marked by a local Bloods set calling itself the Orton Park Bloods who live adjacent to a known Crip neighbourhood in the Kingston-Galloway area.


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