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Mount Dennis is a neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, bordered by the intersection of Jane Street and Weston Road to the north, and Black Creek to the east and south, as the creek curves parallel to Alliance Avenue before crossing under Jane Street on its way to drain into the Humber River, which creates a natural border to the west. Eglinton Ave. West is a major transportation corridor within Mount Dennis. The area gets its name from the Dennis family, Loyalist shipbuilders who owned the property, as well as a boatyard on the Humber, at the turn of the 19th century. Mount Dennis is filled with fully detached homes, among the most affordable housing stock in Toronto for recent immigrants and first-time homeowners. The area of Weston/Mt Dennis has been designated by the City of Toronto and the United Way as one of 13 priority neighbourhoods for additional programs and investment. This is because the area is experiencing growing levels of poverty and has few services to meet the needs of residents. Mount Dennis was developed as a suburb in the 1950s with 27.7 per cent of families having a lone parent household, compared to 19.7 per cent in the rest of Toronto. There is a large Caribbean and West African population in Mount Dennis along with Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese residents as well.


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