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[[Canlish]], [[Orton Park]], [[Midland and Lawrence]], [[Greenbrae Circuit]]
[[Canlish]], [[Orton Park]], [[Midland and Lawrence]], [[Greenbrae Ct.]]

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Lawrence Square Mall at Lawrence Ave. West & Allen Road.

Lawrence Avenue is a major east-west thoroughfare in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is divided into east and west portions (Lawrence Avenue East and Lawrence Avenue West) by Yonge Street, the dividing line of east-west streets in Toronto. The western terminus of Lawrence Avenue is Royal York Road. From there, the road continues as The Westway, a windy arterial road that ends at Martin Grove Road. East of Avenue Road the road enters the Old Toronto, and is a major arterial for the North Toronto neighbourhood. This is one of the wealthiest parts of Toronto.


Victoria Terrace (Victoria Park Avenue and Lawrence Avenue East), North York.

Hoods on Lawrence Ave. West

Lawrence Heights, Village, Black Creek, Weston Road

Hoods on Lawrence Ave. East

Canlish, Orton Park, Midland and Lawrence, Greenbrae Ct.