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Jellee’s hood story is actually a tale of two cities: Born in Toronto (government name David Carty), he grew up splitting time between his mother’s place in Rexdale and his father’s in the Bronx. 1st introduce to hip hop in New York City, he soon realized that the struggles being depicted in NY music were simular to the situations he and his friends back home in Canada was going through. Jellee took the first step towards carving his name as a solo artist in 1997, scoring a minor hit with a compilation track called When You’re Hot, You’re Hot. His name broke for real in 2002, when Money, Pt. 1, the lead single from his debut solo banger, Rex Entertainment/Warner Records’ Jelleestone Thirteen, climbed to the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Jelleestone was nominated for best new solo artist and best rap recording at Canada’s 2002 Juno Awards. Jellee’s world devolved from bad to worse when the rough-and-tumble rhymer was arrested on a gun charge in Toronto, sitting on bail for two years. But now Jellee’s legal problems are in the past, clearing the path for him to serve up more of the “hood hop” sound he established with Jelleestone Thirteen.


2 Sides

The Hood Is Here

The Hood Is Here Rmx

External Links

Official Twitter Page

Jelleestone MySpace