Fresh Off the Boat

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The Fresh Off the Boat (or FOB) is a street gang primarily based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada which deals in the illicit proliferation of narcotics. The FOB was founded by the children of southeast Asain immigrants new to Canada and still restrict membership to those of Asian descent. Founding members were former high school buddies who were involved in supplying small amounts of cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy to rave parties. They were "dial-a-dopers," using cellphones and pagers to receive orders and arrange delivery. The FOB was once united until squabbling over money led some members of the original gang to quit and form their own group. They became known as the Fresh Off the Boat Killers. It wasn't a clean break, because the former friends still moved in the same small circles, setting the stage for insults and violent fights-often with knives or blunt weapons- whenever they crossed paths. Things turned deadly for the first time on Feb. 17, 2002, when FOBK member Vuthy Kong fatally stabbed Adam Miu in a fight outside a karaoke bar on 7Th Avenue S.W. From then on the two gangs met each other with deadly consequences, often resulting in brazen shootings involving multiple victims and casualties. Today, many of the original players are dead or in jail, but that has done little to stop the feud or cripple the gangs' criminal dealings. The veteran gang members who are left have moved up to the "wholesale" level, and new members have bolstered the ranks of both gangs on the street. This gang has been linked with other criminal organizations such as the Independent Soldiers, Redd Alert, Crazy Dragons and the Alberta Warriors.


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