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Darkside is a hood located on Dixon Road to the west separated by Kipling. It's an area well know for drugs and gangs. It is said to be controled by a small time Crips sets calling them selfs The Dark Way Crips who is also in control of The Westway. The main hoods in this area are is Bridesburg & Blackfriar.


Unlike Dixon East there are very few Somalian residents in this area. Its mainly West Indian, Hispanic or Caucasian residents who live in this area. This area has seen a wave of Crips gang-activity over the past years. Although it is neighboor to the Dixon East area the two hoods are know to fued with each other over turf and colors.


Shots Fired In Rexdale (Dixon & Kipling)

Stabbed and Robbed On Islington and Dixon

Four Shot Near West End Donut Shop