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The "Deuce" or (2x) card is an alliance of individual street organizations under the Neighbor Hood Crips and Rollin 0's card within the larger Crip Alliance itself. Most gangs under the Deuce (2x) card derived from the original West Side Crips gang. Some Deuces (2x) gangs are also allied with the Blocc Crips, which is an entirely different card. Gangs under the "Deuce (2x)" card has been at war with "Tray (3x)" gangs since the 1970s. This rivalry accounts for many Crip on Crip violence in L.A. County. Crip gangs that claim the Deuce (2x) card includes:

All Neighbor Hood Crips

All Hard Time Hustler Crips

Raymond Avenue Crips

All Rollin 100s

West Boulevard Crips

Geer Gang

All East Coast Crips

Rollin 20s Long Beach Crips