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  1. Really good, the bomb. The word has been officially buried by BET. "But you still think our music is def, right?" -- De La Soul (Brain washed follower [??]).
  2. the standard of excellence.
  3. Some more info on def: comes from the expression "Death O.J." but I think first used on record in "Rapper's Delight". As Nelson George defines it:"In "Rapper's Delight" the term "Death OJ" is used. In current slang "death" means something good, while "OJ" is a reference to a big car: Erstwhile football star and all-around adman O.J. Simpson does Hertz commercials featuring Ford and Lincoln Mercury cars. If we add "death" to Ford and Lincoln Mercury cars (leaving out any disrespectful reference to Pintos), we come up with the "Rapper's Delight" character driving off in a Lincoln Continental." From _Buppies, B-Boys, Baps & Bohos: Notes on Post-Soul Black Culture_ by Nelson George.