Côte St-Luc

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Côte St-Luc, The Luc, CSL

The City of Côte St-Luc, (also known as "The Luc" or "CSL") is a predominantly middle-class hood in West End Montreal, that includes some very wealthy areas, as well as some lower-income areas, some of which are currently being gentrified to improve the borough's image. There is a fairly strong drug trade in this otherwise unassuming neighbourhood, and the presence of Crip sets can be felt in certain areas.
Access to Cote St. Luc is provided by STM bus routes 66, 103, 104, 138, 161, 162, 370.

Some of the tougher areas of CSL include: Cote St. Luc Rd, Cavendish Blvd, Emerald Ave., Caldwell Ave, Westminster Ave, Kingsley Ave, Trent Ave, Adalbert Ave, Cranbrooke Ave, Sunnybrooke Ave, Westover Rd, Montgomery Ave, Wavell Rd, Hudson Ave
Housing projects in CSL include: Côte St. Luc Gardens Cooperative Housing, Habitation Caldwell