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  1. To smoke. Shorty wanna ride wit me (ride wit me) we can get low Hop into the Chevy fo' do', blow dro -- Young Buck (Shorty Wanna Ride) [1]
  2. To suck dick. So fuck y'all, all of y'all; if y'all don't like me, blow me! -- Dr. Dre featuring Eminem (Forgot About Dre) [2]
  3. To shoot or kill. I pack a 9 milli cause that's my best friend. Niggas, I done told ya blow 'em up like dohja -- Geto Boys featuring DMG, Caine, Yukmouth (Dawn 2 Dusk) [3]
  4. To inhale a powdered substance through a tube (straw or rolled up dollar bill) with your nose



  1. Cocaine. Wallstreet niggas, they cop me on the low. White boys don't call me coke, they call me blow -- Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and 50 Cent (8 Mile) [4]