Blackfriar Ave

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Blackfriar is a neighberhood located in the notorious streets of the Dixon & Kipling area often refferd to as Dixon West and home to The Dark Side Crips. It is said to be home to a large number of Crips who are aligned with many Crips sets from BridesBurg another hood in the Dixon area. Altough it is not a high risk neighberhood it has had it's share of gang-related problems and random police visits. This neighberhood is known to fued with members of the Dixon True Bloods who reside in the Dixon area to the East.


It's an area surround by notorious Toronto neighberhoods like South Side Rexdale's Martin Grove, Kipling, Dixon and a few others. There has bin heavy police presence ever since the shooting in 08 on Dixon who was rumourd to cause a beef within the area.