Black Gloves

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The Black Gloves is a local band residing in the NDG district of Montreal. Although most of it's members are either originated or reside on Walkley Avenue in NDG, they are various members across Montreal and in Toronto,ON.

Kicking off around mid 2005, ElonSkee debuted his producing familiarity by recording with close friends and family which later on turned into a hobby. Those early years of creating music lead to the formation of the "S.Y.T.E.Rz" which after led to the creation of the Black Gloves. The initial members of the group were ElonSkee, Taigenz, TJB, Twigy, Double A & All Star.

Growing at a fast pace, "Black Glovez" turned into a family rather more than a group, recognizing artists such as The Kid Clipps, Cheeks, Ryder, Tipsy, Evidenc3, Young Mac, Try-Boy, Mz. Cherry, Msz. Keelie, Mz. Lina, Twizzy, Dimplezz, Purps, S Bundlesss & Sosio. Which for the most part were featured on the "2008 The Taking Over" mixtape.