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In an era where rappers spit more anger than aggression, sing more than they freestyle and spit tales instead of facts, Ottawa based/Palestinian-born rapper Belly (a.k.a Rebellyus) is bringing hip-hop out of the clouds and back to the streets. Belly began recording track after track, then fate intervened. At a young age, he met Tony Sal (CEO of Capital Prophet Records) who gave him guidance , and the power to reach a lot more people in the city. With three successful mixtapes under his belt and after almost a decade as a hip hop producer and songwriter, Belly’s double-disc debut THE REVOLUTION premiered at number one on the rap charts in Canada in June of 2007. In the same month, Belly took home a MuchMusic Video Award (MMVA) for Best Rap Video for “Pressure” featuring Ginuwine. his video for “History of Violence” was banned by MVN in the U.S. due to its anti-war messages and graphic images. A major police raid was conducted at the artist's home in Greely, Ontario on 15 August 2008 based on a search warrant to seek firearms there. However, the only items of note found in this raid were three BB guns that were purchased from a Canadian Tire store. No charges were ever laid. He is now the Vice President and Head of A&R of CP Records.


Pressure ft. Ginuwine

Riding ft. Mario Winans

Don't Be Shy ft. Nina Sky



The Revolution


DBD Vol 1 Feat DJ Kool Kid


DBD Vol 2 Feat DJ Kay Slay


DBD Vol 3 Feat Big Mike

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