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BG Entertainment© 2008

A Montreal Record Label created in the streets of NDG. The Label includes various artist from the neighberhood including a few from Toronto. Artists from the label released there new smash hit called Street Story by WDH. It was a instant hit when the video came out. The response from the YouTube world was crazy with an amount of 10,000 views in seven days which made WDH one of Montreal's Top Groups so far.


Tracks Recorded:It's Me Jibbies-We Coming With it Hot-Back For More- (And Many Others)

  • WDH

Tracks Recorded:Street Story- (And Many Others)

  • ElonSkee(BG)

Tracks Recorded:It's Me JibbiesWTV-Cannon FreeStyle-Go Away-Speakers-Back For More (And Many Others)

  • Double A (BG)

Tracks Recorded:It's Me Jibbies-We Coming With It Hot- (And Many Others)

  • TJB (BG)

Tracks Recorded:It's Me Jibbes-Shawty-Holla At Me- (And Many Others)

  • CrossOut (BG)

Tracks Recorded:It's Me Jibbies-We Coming With It Hot-Chillin On The Block (And Many Others)

  • Taigens(BG)

Tracks Recorded:It's Me Jibbies-Back For More-Dont Judge Me- (And Many Others)

Tracks Recorded:Where The Cash At(Remix)-(And Many Others)

  • Young Mac (WDH)

Tracks Recorded:Street Story-You Aint Getting Money Boy-I Could Do It Better- (And Many Others)

  • Lil Sane (Sadystick)

Tracks Recorded:

BG Ent Sites

Black Gloves Official MySpace

ElonSkee Official MySpace

Taigens Official MySpace

TJB Official MySpace

Young Mac Official MySpace

Spades The Don Official MySpace

BG Ent Videos

WDH-Street Story Music Video

WDH Makes It To CTV Montreal