B'z Up

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Relatives in Compton, Brooklyn? LMFAO! You've never sounded more desperate for acceptance.

Powdered Milk? Powdered milk goes for more in the market than regular, un-powdered 2% Neilson milk. Either you niggers are the most un-educated flock of saps to illegally cross into White Canada or you think by some divine miracle that sobbing about having to buy Powdered Milk gives you more of a ghetto appeal. Either or, I guess it's just a niggers nature to act like complete morons... or maybe hire a literate & informed white person to smart shop for you.

Last but not least, google South Boston, Charlestown or Dorchester or maybe ANY sort of exported Irish person that came to America during the 1800's(and still present to this day) and familiarize yourself with their struggles to settle into a regular, American life-style that you oh so cherish. Shit, while you're at it, you may as well google how the Russians/Italians/Armenians flourished while migrating to America while dealing with their oppression.

Stupid, Slow-Witted African-Canadian. >_<. Do us a favor, jet back to Mogadishu or whatever East African country your slut of a mother may have given birth to you in, and send us a Somalian that understands:

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