B'z Up

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and I bet you Toronto nig-birds enjoy your days off, watching and studying American Culture and figuring out how many other ways there are to mock and mimick their street gangs then of course, grab a bunch of your closest friends and iniate in petty crime as a way to boost your so called ¨rep¨.

Whiteboy´s in Kitchener don´t care too much for niggers, as you may know. Back in the days, we use to fill water balloons with urine and chuck them at any passing nigger we could find, or we´d actually roll down to Toronto and play ¨spoons¨. Being that you´re from Toronto, you´d know what type of game that was and guess what, always LEFT THE CITY without a SCRATCH on US.

Jane and Finch is a JOKE itself. Day or Night, anybody of any sort could pass through safely. Given every now and then, 1 out of 10,000 people that stroll through the area may have gotten jumped or robbed, stabbed or shot but if anything, compared to any sort of neighborhood you may find in the US, it looks like a damn playground compared to what a REAL ghetto would like. Shit, Winnipeg´s Lord Selkirk Housing looks a lot more run down than any so called ¨project¨ you could find in Toronto, so who the fuck are you trying to kid? Toronto has HAD it´s moment, and as painful as it might be, it´s time to move on and maybe for once, get an identity that hasn´t been borrowed or altered from an American city or any city for that matter.

Lynch the niggers too or send them to the US because let´s be real, they don´t belong in Canada. As a matter of fact, they don´t belong ANYWHERE except maybe on a deserted island with 30,000 kilos of TNT strapped to it. Now thats something worth celebrating. Who´s give a flying fuck about a NIGGER HISTORY MONTH besides the obvious NIGGERS?

And I´d be willing to bet anything that you´re some sort of Eastern African kid with a fiends physique... Are you hungry, my poor little African child?