All Crips Gang

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The All Crips Gang (or Scarlett Blocc Crips) is a roaming street gang whose founding members grew up in the Scarlettwood Court housing complex of the western Toronto suburb of north Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. Their turf is centered around the Scarlettwood Court housing complex, but the Scarlett Blocc Crips also claim a stretch of Scarlett road as far south to Dundas Street West and as far north as Lawrence Ave. West as their territory. It is rumoured that members of this gang were instrumental in forming a truce between different neighbourhoods under the Crips "card" in Toronto's west end to form an alliance between once feuding turfs in order to stem the violence amongst themselves. This alliance would later be called the All Crips Gang. Members of the Scarlett Blocc Crips are friendly towards the South Side Falstaff Crips, the Trethewey Gangster Crips and the Ghost Town Crips. Members have the initials 'ACG' tattooed or etched into their skin and are considered enemies of the 10th Street Boys, the South Side Gatorz and the Dixon City Bloods.