Alexander Park Hustlers

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Alexander Park Hustlers

Founded By Teddy “O.G. Tay” Green

Years Active 1978-present

Territory Union Street, Alexander Park, Grant Village Apartments, Hidden Road Circle Apartments, Outlaw Avenue, Pizza Street through Western Valley and Vengeance Park Projects

Ethnicity Mixed

Membership 2,000-4,000

Criminal Activities Street Tax, Racketeering, Extortion, Union Control, Hijacking, Contract Killing, Home Invasion, Murder, Gun Trafficking, Gun Smuggling, Extortion, Street Protection, Illegal Gambling, Loan Sharking, Money Laundering, Pornography, Identity Theft, Conspiracy, Sex Escort, Street Racing, Larceny, Arm Robbery, Bank Fraud and Identity Fraud and Drug Trafficking.

Allies Zoner Nation, Bloods, Vice Lord and Zoe Pound

Rivals RAP(Real Alexander Park), Hidden Road Lords, Cisco Village Posse and Various other gangs


Founder Teddy Green started Alexander Park gang after being robbed on Bryant and Union street for drugs. Not being able to repay back for the stolen drugs, a price was placed on his head. Teddy would be in hiding for five months. He left hiding after the price was lifted. He wasn't able to move back on his turf so he relocated to Grant Village across the street from Alexander Park. He would hire local gangsters for street protection. He would eventually payout the local gangs to gain free protection. This would establish his climb as a gang leader. To maximize his earning net he would lean his membership as mercenaries for the right price. This would put his gang as the most violence gang in the city at the time. They gain the name Alexander Park Killers and authorities advised people to not journey into the park at night since dead bodies would be found each day. On February 8, 1993 Teddy Green was gunned down in alleyway. His death has took on a life of it's own since being reported in the news the next day. Some believe he was shooting dice while others believe he was chased in the alley by unknown killers. With the death of Teddy Green Alexander lost a lot of it's connections and faced back to back arrest by police throughout the 90's. In the 2000's a group of younger gang members reestablished the gang as well as taking on a new name known as the Alexander Park Hustlers. They would grow influence throughout the city outside of Grant Village such as Vanessa P. Kathy Projects which is also known as Vengeance Park Projects. They joined the 55 Syndicate in 2008. Their joining caused a breakaway of membership to recreate themselves as rivals, they would go by Real Alexander Park gang or RAP for short. They are known as rivals to a independent gang known as the Cisco Village Posse. CVP is only 10 blocks away.


Alexander Park wears the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim attire to show affiliation to there gang. This has made many mistakenly take Alexander as a Blood or Vice Lord gang. But they are a homegrown gang with there own affiliations such as the Zoner Nation. An having such power in there height as a gang they don't rep and color since no one want to ally with with them. Some believe it was fear while others say it was principal, because Teddy would kill anyone for the right price. But since 2008 they have had friendly relations with the two gangs. They also call there members Ace. Most sub gangs show there affiliation to this gang by tagging a lower case h and capital R together. The hR is a simple to remind members to respect the hustle not hustle the respect. Most members gain entry into Alexander through murder. Some are in through the connections they have that benefit the gang.


Pizza Street Brothers

Outlaw Avenue Diva's

Grant Village Hustlers

Teddy Green Boy's

Vengeance Park Posse

Vengeance Park Lottie’s

Black Hill Hustlers


  • Top
  • Bottom Top
  • King
  • Soldiers

The top is the highest rank member in the Alexander Park Affiliation. He holds a universal title that ranges throughout the sub gangs, the top also holds a position in the cabin. A member holds this position through a vote among his Bottom Kings. They can hold this position until prove they are incapable of leading. Under them are bottom tops. Bottom tops are leaders of the sub gang they are allowed to run the subs as they see fit. They usually work as a unified body with other bottom tops in helps to work and take over. Under the bottoms are the kings which controls the underlings which are the soldiers. Each sub gang holds at less 10 kings. The kings control a body of 20 to 30 soldiers under them. This has made it easy for them to take over as well as demand vises they control.