Alberta Warriors

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The Alberta Warriors are an Aboriginal based street and prison gang founded in Edmonton, but can also be found in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This gang was founded by incarcerated Native gang members as the result of Correctional Services Canada dispersing members of the revered Manitoba Warriors gang from Manitoba's Stony Mountain Institution to Alberta's Edmonton Institution in 1997. Upon release from prison, The Warriors quickly set up shop and encouraged fellow gang members from Winnipeg to venture to Alberta to take advantage of its blossoming drug trade in a then booming economic time. The offshoot branch was later called the Alberta Warriors, who by then inspired some local toughs and drug dealers already involved in smaller gangs to join them. The Alberta Warriors are most active in Edmonton, but maintain a relatively low profile. Hardcore members are known to sport tattoos with the initials "A.W.", and will often refer to their gang as "123". The "1" and "23" stand for the respective positions in the alphabet of "A" and "W". The Alberta Warriors have also adopted the wearing of blue and black articles of clothing, most notably bandannas to represent the gang. Being modled after the Manitoba Warriors gang, the Alberta Warriors also operates under a paramilitary structure similar to Biker culture of "Chiefs" (or "Presidents"), "Warriors" and "Strikers". As a street gang, the Alberta Warriors have been reported in Edmonton, Alberta, where in 2004 one of six Warriors members lured a group of white teenagers into a basement and brutally kidnapped, beat, and stabbed them, spurring unsubstantiated allegations of racism and hate-crime [1]. The Alberta Warriors are the second largest branch of "The Warriors" organization followed by the Saskatchewan Warriors, though both gangs are considered to be independent from the founding Manitoba Warriors. Their enemies include the Crazy Dragons, Native Syndicate, Redd Alert, White Boy Posse, the Indian Posse, Samson True Soldiers as well as the Hells Angels and their associated puppet clubs such as The Baseball Team.


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