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A province of western Canada between British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Alberta has two major cities, Edmonton and Calgary. About two thirds of the population live in cities, with a provinicial population of 3,200,000. Alberta's third largest city is Red deer.Other cities include Lethbridge , Grand Prairie , The Hat, Brooks


Edmonton is the provincial capital of Alberta. The Edmonton metro area is home to 1,050,000 people. Edmonton is a culturally diverse city where thirty percent of residents are members of an ethnic minority. Edmonton is also a high crime city by Canadian standards, it has the highest murder rate of any Canadian city.


Calgary is the largest city in Alberta, its metro area is home to 1,100,000 people. Calgary is a much safer city than Edmonton, but it is still a more dangerous city than many in Canada.

Rappers or Rap Groups


Hip Hop Clothing Stores


  • THISISTAK ( edmonton hip hop News)
  • Vibe 98.5 (Calgary Top 40/Hip Hop station)
  • CJSW 90.9 (Calgary University Radio; Hip-Hop Programming includes the shows Dirty Needles and Mental Illness.)