Water Front Piru

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Water Front Piru or H2O Piru is a blood gang located on the westside of Wilmington, California. There turf is from Anahiem St. on the north, C St. on the south, Figueroa St. on the west, and Broad Ave. on the east. There main spot was the Dana Strand Housing Projects but are now torn down and new apartments were built. Most of the gang is either now in jail, dead, moved to another blood neighborhood, or started cleaning up there lifes. There allies are East Side Pain, ScottsDale Piru, Scott Park Piru, and most other blood gangs. There rivals are West Side Wilmas, East Side Wilmas, North Side Wilmas, Harbor City Rifas, Rancho San Pedro, Harbor City Crips, Dodge City Crips, and all other crip gangs.