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The Versace Crew are a small tight-knit group of Jamaican immigrants (although some members are first generation Canadians) who named themselves after the famed designer, which top members were known to sport his clothing along with other high end merchandise. Formed in the late 1990's in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, this gang supported their lavish lifestyle by strong arming and robbing local drug dealers, forcing them into buying their product and eliminating competition with the threat or use of violence. Police say the street gang has a surprisingly sophisticated hierarchy involving presidents, lieutenants and soldiers. Over time the Versace Crew gained a reputation in the city as a calculating and ruthless entity when dealing with rival gangs who intrude on their drug turf. Such gangs as the Markham Boyz; who engaged the Versace Crew in a gun war that played out in Toronto's east end streets and ultimately sparked public outrage which in turn made them a top priority for police at the time. Although the Versace Crew's main territory was in Scarborough, they had members through out the city of Toronto. Known as a major drugs/gun runner in the city, the Versace Crew were taken apart by a series of raids (the 1st of 5 major ones in the city). It is said that this gang has direct links with the Concrete Jungle Posse gang in Kingston, Jamaica. Their allies include the Malvern Crew.


Gang Members Acquittal Tossed

Acquittal in Murder-Plot Case After Wiretap Evidence Tossed

Criminals' Relatives Tap Victims' Fund