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The VR Troopers (aka the Vaughan Road Bloods) are an African-Canadian street gang established in the Oakwood and Vaughan Road section of the former city of York in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by the late 1990's. Although it is widely accepted that this gang got its name from the popular 1990's T.V. series [1], the "VR" actually stands for "Vaughan Road". Being located in the heart of a section of York that has a heavy Caribbean influence, a number of this gang's members are of West Indian descent. This gang came about after founding members of the Young Thugz from Oakwood and Vaughan formed their own set after the dismantling of the original gang by the late 1990's. Already under the Bloods umbrella, members continued the wearing of red bandannas and articles of clothing after establishing their new found set and maintained connections with active gang members from the Pelham Park Gardens neighbourhood, who also fell under the Bloods card. Although their turf is centered around the Oakwood and Vaughan area, the VR Troopers' territory stretches as far south to St.Clair road and as far west as Dufferin Street with Eglinton Ave. West used as a neutral buffer zone between rival crews at the foot of Oakwood Drive to the north. The VR Troopers are cliqued up with the Ardwick Blood Crew and Pelham Park Bloods and are friendly towards a sub-set of the gang known as The M.O.B. Klick which consist of younger gang members. Their enemies include the Eglinton West Crips, Trethewey Gangster Crips, Doomstown Rexdale Crips, the Jungle City Goonz and the Five Point Generalz.

Sub Sets

M.O.B. Klick


Gang Member Admits Trying to Shoot Pig

Jury Convicts 2 Men of Murder in Gang Trial

Jamaican Restaurant Part of Gang Raid

Gang-Banger Wanted in Daytime Murder

2 Men Shot at Oakwood and Vaughan


Heartless G- I Love The Blood pt.2