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V.P. aka Victoria Park, aka Vic Park, aka L.O.C. aka 24Lane as a reference to the bus route that runs through V.P.


The whole street or at least the majority is grimey, this is the border for East York and Scarborough, and has many hoods on or off of it which include: Chester Le, Crescent Town (aka C.T.), Dawes Road (aka D.R.),North Side V.P(aka Block 27)(aka V-Block) ,Parma Court,Pharmacy Avenue (aka P3),Victoria Park N Lawrence (aka) VPNL, Teesdale etc. V.P holdin' it down fa real! Victoria Park is right on Crescent Town (V.P-C.T). L.O.C. (Line of Control), it divides East York and Scarborough (two beefin' boroughs of Toronto). Mans can't reach V.P strip any1 can get touched here.

South Side V.P. A.K.A. Victoria Park and Danforth Area which it has been portrayed in the media, is a violent up and coming area. It is border on the North by St Clair, on the West Main street avenue, on the South Danforth Avenue, and on the East Pharmacy avenue. This Area is a violent area, that has seen a rise in crime, from shootings, robberies, and even murders. Hoods that are in this area are: Pharmacy ave (P3), Teesdale, dawes road, and crescent town.

Robbery (Swarming) - 54 Division

Armed teen with gang ties arrested


the vvb M-FAM, CoNeKtionZ, Dawes Road Crips (D.R.C.), J.L.A., Parma Court Posse,(P.C.P.), Vic Park Squad (V.P.S.), Victoria Park-Crescent Town Boyz (VP-CT Boyz),V-Block Young Shottas (V.Y.S) etc.


V.P rappers include Blits (from Parma Court), Daetona (from Chester Le), Deep Pockets (J-Pockets, Tek and Young Tony from Parma Court), Hood Gang (from Parma Court), Max Baker (from Crescent Town), M-FaM (from Mid V.P.), Nytekrawla (from Teesdale), Royalty Squad (from Chester Le), Self Disciple (from V.P & St. Clair), T-MindZ (from Mid V.P.) etc.


Most Hoods Along The Strip:

1. Jane Street

2. Islington Ave

3. Victoria Park Ave

4. Don Mills Rd