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Trethewey Drive is a street that runs from Jane Street and Denison Avenue (which also connects to Weston Road) to the multi-intersection at Keele and Eglinton Ave. West beside York Memorial CI. Trethewey has recently undergone renovations near Millenium Drive (on the south side of the street) with new town homes which were completed in 2004. At Jane and Trethewey there are Belmont Apartments, 710 and 720 buildings. More recently, construction has begun for a nwe apartment building which faces on to Jane Street. The Toronto Police Services 12th Division is right at the same intersection of Trethewey and Black Creek Drive on Todd Baylis Rd. (named after a slain Police Officer who was killed within the area). Further up "the hill" on Trethewey is another cluster of apartments, The Greentree Court Houses including the Clearview Houses running from behind York Memorial at Greentree past the old Petro Pete's (which is now an Esso) down to the slope of the hill. Some of the common misconceptions about Trethewey is that all of the apartment buildings are Metro Housing. Contrary to popular belief and possibly due to negative stigma, Martha Eaton Way is NOT public housing, only 710 and 720 located closer to Jane Street. As for popular culture, the 710 and 720 buildings are featured in the music video "The Hood is Here (Remix)" directed by Jelleestone and Arron Atwell. The song features several talented and upcoming artists including Jugganot. The video also shows the street signs at Jane and Chalkfarm, Falstaff and Trethewey, parts of South Side Jane.


Various gangs that frequent this area include the Trethewey Gangster Crips, the South Side Gatorz and Five Point Generalz.


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