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The Representatives

The Representatives "The Rep's" are a Rap duo made up of rappers Frank "Young Lyrik" Hooks and Laronzo "Billionaire Pacchino" Lay from Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.Young Lyrik brings the "lyrical" side of the music , while Pacchino brings more of a musical view of music.


The Duo first met in 7th grade at Forest Mannor Middle School, both having talnet in the band room later found out that they had same taste in music.Lay was big music fan and wanted to be a rapper since 5th grade.His luck got better when his father built an home recordig studio around the time Lay was in the 7th grade.Hooks who was rasied by his grandmother wasn't even allowed to listen to rap music.By the time he was in the 6th or 7th grade he started writing rap music.Hooks told a source " Of course I was gonna listen to rap music.Only because i was told not too. And when i first heard real rap music, I was addicted to it!"

After 7th grade, the two had lost contact until Freshman year in High school. After reuniting at Arlington Community High School they learned that they both have been working on music over the years. Lay was working on his mixtape and asked Hooks to feature on a song called "My Night".That song was their hottest jam of the 09' winter.The two never collabed again until "Trouble Makers"feat Lil' Nasty. The chemistry they had in the studio gave them the idea to do a whole mixtape together known as "Indiana Cartel". "We had gottin' like 3 or 4 song into the tape and just stopped working on it".But when junior year of high school hit we had to make some major moves and get this music really going" said Lay.

Around midsummer in 2010 Lay had became one half of an music group and Hooks working on his first mixtape "Lyrically Insane".Slowly diffting away from his group Lay manage to record a whole solo mixtape "Toe Tag Season:In The Forgottin' Coast.The two MCs reunited to re-record former songs and new songs to finish the collab mixtape.Hooks, who was working on his first installment put his solo project to the side and put all his time into this project. After re-doing "Trouble Makers" Hooks wanted to make a group with Lay and Lil' Nasty.But Nasty had other plans of playing football.That left Hooks and Lay to form a music duo.