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Tandridge Crescent is a subsidized housing community located around the Albion Road and Arcot Boulevard area in the Thistletown community of Rexdale in northwest Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


75 Tandridge Crescent is a 10 storey high-rise building owned by the TCHC that has been home to many new immigrants to Toronto, most recently by those of various African nations since the turn of the century. This neighbourhood predominantly consists of working age people (ages 25-64) and children. The neighbourhood is fairly diverse, with 41.8% of the population being visible minorities; however there has not been an increase in diversity since 2006. Approximately 1/5 of the neighbourhood population has a household or individual income above $100,000 but more significantly there is a lot of poverty in the neighbourhood. 47.1% of families are living with low-incomes. This area is family oriented although it saw a dramatic rise in gang activity among youth with the emergence of a small local set claiming the Rexdale Crips card called the Tandridge Rexdale Crips; whose reckless gun-play with rival gangs rocked the area since the mid to late 1990's, creating an atmosphere of fear and mistrust of outsiders as well as Authorities.


Although police maintain that gang activity in the area has been dramatically reduced, remanence of Crips memorabilia on Tandridge can be seen in local graffiti and the style of clothes worn by youths from the area. Incidents of racism and discrimination have occurred in the area with newcomers with accents, people of colour, people with lower economic status and people with disabilities being the most common targets. Non-gang affiliated youth within Tandridge have complained about unwarranted stop and searches by police and security personnel as well as having a major lack of services in the area for them as well as for women.


593482582001_2288978184001_vs-51642d0de4b0eb435d8c4912-767904718001.jpg shooting.jpg


Suspects Sought After Tandridge Crescent Shooting

Guns Seized, 11 in Custody After Shots Fired in Tandridge Crescent

Man Shot in Arm at Tandridge Crescent

3 Men Arrested After Man Shot in Tandridge Crescent UPDATE: 2 Men Face 35 Charges in Shooting

Teen Shot in Arm on Tandrdige Crescent

Man Shot in Home on Tandridge Crescent

Victim of Tandridge Murder Remembered


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