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Cough syrup Promethazine, a prescription cough suppressant that is liquid codeine. It comes in a purple, red or yellow liquid that is most often mixed with Sprite or 7-up. It may also be spread on to rolled joints or cigarettes and allowed to dry, and then smoked. Also referred to as "syzurp", "drank" , "lean" , or "purple jelly". Continues the Southern tradition of the slow "Screw Mixes" originated by DJ Screw from the early 1990's. Music is pitched to deliberately slow speeds to portray a warped, psychedelic feeling.

Actually codeine and promethazine are two different things. While codeine is a cough suppressant, Promethazine is for nausea. Both are actually called syrup although PROMETHAZINE is the ACTUAL syrup.

A lot of people say "it is just the codeine that matters, any syrup with codeine is fine". That is not true, Promethazine with codeine is the true lean down in H-Town where it started.