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The Varrio South Los 13 (SXL13) is a predominately Hispanic street gang in South Los Angeles, California. Their territory goes from Central Avenue in East Los Angeles to approximately Vermont Avenue in West Los Angeles. This gang falls under the Sureños "card" and are loyal to the Mexican Mafia, as indicated with the number "13" in their name. Despite their affiliation with the Mexican Mafia, outside of prison, the South Los 13 have engaged in rivalries with a large number of other Sureño gangs such as the 18th Street Gang, Florencia 13, Playboy Surenos 13, Junior Mafia 13, Barrio 13, Capones 13, Gardena 13, Compton Varrio Tortilla Flats, Compton Varrio 124, all East Coast Crips and all Hoover Criminals.




111th Street

Baby Locos (BLS)