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  1. To defeat an opponent with skill. "Yeah Kris, serve em man, serve em!" -- Boogie Down Productions (Build and Destroy) [1]
  2. To deliver. "Serve 'em a sentence" -- Kool Keith featuring Motion Man (Serve 'Em a Sentence) [2]
  3. To be incarcerated. "Question: Do you have to pack a Tec-9, serve jail time, to learn how to rhyme?" -- Danja Mowf (Question) [3]
  4. To kill. "Say, Knocc and Flesh glock, glock to takes it comin' 2 serve ya" -- Flesh-N-Bone featuring BG Knocc Out (Comin' 2 Serve You) [4]
  5. To have (oral) sexual intercourse.
  6. When someone is broken up with, defeated, or otherwise dismissed we say "he got served."
  7. To sell or deal drugs Do you know any one who serves around here.