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Saukrates aka "Big Sox" (legal name: Amani Wailoo), is an artist/producer from Toronto, Canada. In 1994, his first track was titled "Still Caught Up", which earned a nomination for Best Rap Recording at the 1996 Juno Awards. He was also nominated for another Juno of the same award in 2000 for "Money Or Love". In 1996, he was signed to Warner Bros. Records but was dropped in 1998, which was one year before his debut album "The Underground Tapes" was released to critical acclaim. By the year 2000, Saukrates reached another big deal with Def Jam and Gilla House Records (owned by Redman). Eventually, Saukrates was dropped by Def Jam because he was no longer considered a priority, however he remained with Gilla House. As of 2006, Saukrates is still looking to sign with a major record label.


Hate Runs Deep (ft. Marvel of F.O.S.)

2 Rude, Saukrates & P. Monch - Innovations

Saukrates - Big Black Lincoln - Pimpin Life

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