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Ritchie Street and Ramsey Crescent are located in the heart of the west end of Ottawa, Ontario, north of the 417 and DuMaurier Avenue. The Britannia Woods public housing neighbourhood on Ritchie Street, near Carling Avenue, has long been a troubled neighbourhood. Ritchie is a tough place to live with almost all of the 800 or so residents of Ritchie living at or below the poverty line; 65 per cent of the families ran by single parents; and about 65 per cent of the residents under the age of 20. On any given day, there might be a crowd watching some toughs training dogs to fight. Or drug deals unfolding swiftly in plain sight. Or police arresting thugs, or loiterers they think are thugs. Ramsey Crecsent is a residential area with a subsidized highrise consisting mainly of senior citizens and immagants of Somalian and Arab descent. The area of Ritchie-Ramsey is considered by police to be the birth place and stomping grounds to a criminal syndicate known as the West Side Bloods (formally the Double R Bloods).


Rhythem of Ritchie Street

Protest Planned For Conditions of Social Housing