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Rexdale is a community in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located in the north-western corner of the city, in the northern part of the former City of Etobicoke which merged with five other municipalities and a regional government to form the new "City of Toronto" in 1998. It is bordered by Islington Avenue to east, Highway 427 to the west, Steeles Avenue to the north and Dixon Road to the south. Rexdale is home to one Canada's top high school basketball teams, Father Henry Carr. This school became a powerhouse with the closure of neighbouring Marian Academy high school. Some other notable schools are North Albion Collegiate Institute, Monsignor Johnson, Don Bosco, West Humber Collegiate Institute, and Thistletown Collegiate Institute.

Rexdale's population of approximately 130,000 include 28,000 South Asian, 22,000 people of African Origin (Caribbean, South American, African) and pockets of Croatians, Italians and Assyrians. Rexdale suffered from a crisis of youth gang crimes and homicides in the late 90's and early 2000's as well as recently in 2005. Rexdale has been given a reputation as a dangerous neighbourhood(in some parts), due to the high crime rate. Rexdale's most notorious parts are that of the metro housing areas with high gang activity.

Rexdale's unemployment rate is 3 times the city average at 18%. This part of the city has experienced a massive exodus of people moving into the Western Suburbs of Brampton and Mississauga for better oppertunity and safer conditions for their families. Major streets in Rexdale include Albion Road, Finch Avenue, Humber College blvd, Islington Avenue, Kipling Avenue, Martin Grove road, Highway 27, Steeles Avenue West and Rexdale Blvd. Rexdale is home to Humber College, Woodbine Race Track, Woodbine Centre and Albion Mall. Rexdale is located 5 minutes away from the Toronto Pearson International Airport.


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