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Content of articles in the Rap Dictionary

Most articles in the Rap Dictionary, specifically the terms and artists, are in a generalized format. This serves a more important purpose than just "pretty printing the text":

  • it makes terms appear in the Rap Dictionary overview pages
  • it structures the text for the reader
  • it adds references

Let's take a look at the editpage for the term "21 & Lewis", for instance:

'''21 & Lewis'''

Streetcorner in Long Beach, California. "So I hooks a left on the 21 and
Lewis" -- Warren G. (Regulate [1994])



The ===noun=== indicates this term is a noun. Some terms are used both as a noun and as a verb, or some names of rap artists are also nouns. In that case more headers can be added for each type of term.


Since this is a term a noun and a geography item, the three lines as the bottom make sure the term will appear in those categories. [[Category:Terms]] for example, will make sure "21 & Lewis" appears in the Terms list.

Valid categories are:

  • [[Category:Terms]]: the main dictionary
  • [[Category:Artists]]: the list of rap artists
  • [[Category:Nouns]]: the nouns
  • [[Category:Verbs]]: the verbs
  • [[Category:Adjectives]]: the adjectives
  • [[Category:Interjections]]: the interjections
  • [[Category:Geography]]: geography related items


To proof the term is a rap related term and to provide an example of how it is used, a quote (along with the artist and song title) is added with a link to the complete lyrics. To make life easier, a "Find lyrics" field has been added to the bottom of every edit page. Using it will not break the ongoing edit, so use it often!