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A premier battle champion, engineer, MC, and producer, 22 year old Prosper is no stranger to the struggle that mc’s are faced with everyday. He has achieved the #1 spot in over 20 battles since 2003, with titles including The Eliminator 2, as well as 2 of 5 Hip Hop for Hunger 8-Man Classic titles (Alberta’s most recognized annual hip hop event). Recently he has acquired a diploma from Dev Studios and certification from Digidesign, completing a Pro Tools 7 HD course. The Edmonton, Alberta, Canada native is driven to be one of the few urban musicians from the Prairies to pioneer a professional independent status, and help pave the way for future artists of the area.

Prosper has contributed to his community over the years by providing a venue for weekly live hip hop shows featuring many local acts and supporters, as well as working with iHuman Youth Society in mentoring inner city youth. Since 2006, Prosper has stepped back from his volunteer opportunities in an attempt to focus and improve on his music. He has been featured in numerous spots through TV (City TV, Shaw Cable), Ed Magazine (Edmonton Journal) and college radio (CJSR, CJSW), as well as several sites on the internet.

P is collaborating with fellow “E-villain” Jon Dubs (known together as ProDro) in creation of a debut album entitled “The Good In E-ville”. The anticipated album has been in production since January 2006, yet is still not set to drop until it is all properly in place, expecting a late 2007 – mid 2008 release. “The Good In E-ville” album will contain very few feature guest artists, as it is set to primarily showcase the talents of the Edmonton duo Prosper (Pro) and Jon Dubs (Dro) of ProDro and expose their uniquely raw brand of hip hop to the masses.

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