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With the formation and growing strength of both the Indian Posse and Manitoba Warriors gang in Canada's Western Provinces' prison system, the necessity of having some gang protection led unaffiliated inmates to form the Native Syndicate in 1994. The Native Syndicate began as an Aboriginal prison gang consisting of hardened criminals in the Saskatchewan Penitentiary and Regina Correctional Centre. When incarcerated Aboriginal gangs became increasingly violent, Correctional Services Canada reportedly transferred some N.S. members to Manitoba and Alberta, where they began to set up chapters as well. As of 2000, there were 143 active and 19 inactive members in the Winnipeg police department's gang unit database including generations of the same families, ranging in age from early teens to mid-50s. The Native Syndicate mimics Godfather-style mafioso structure, with a boss, an under-boss and a consigliere. Most senior Native Syndicate members are hard-core career criminals with a high propensity for violence. Members are marked by tattoos, starting with a distinctive NS on the web of the hand between thumb and index finger or of two feathers, a tomahawk and spears. Authorities maintain that this gang is very organized in correctional centres, but not so much on the streets. Their enemies include the Indian Posse, Manitoba Warriors (along with the Alberta Warriors and Saskatchewan Warriors respectively), the Most Organized Brothers, the White Boy Posse, Loyalty Honour Silence, CENTRAL and the Redd Alert gang. Despite their many enemies, the Native Syndicate have a loose connection to the Hells Angels, African Mafia and the Zig Zag Crew in Winnipeg. The Native Syndicate are primarily identified by the colour black, with Northern Manitoba members wearing the colours of the Raiders while members in Winnipeg dawn white bandannas.





  • Native Syndicate are known for wearing the color white to show affiliation.
  • Natas is a combining between Native & American.