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Naptown is the nickname for Indianapolis, IN. The term Naptown comes from the old jazz movement in the hey-days and is refered in a couple of popular mainstream songs such as Tip Drill by Nelly, Down and out by Camron, Real nigga roll call by Lil Jon etc. etc. Though it has no mainstream rap scene yet, it one of the midwest's premier cities.

---The name Nap-Town (Naptown) was given to Indianapolis in the early 1900's from being a ghost town. Being in the center of a major highway system with many available alternative routes (hince the nickname Crossroads of America), Indianapolis was a common centerpiece for traveling. Indianapolis was known to shutdown the city early leaving very few places to go at night. Indianapolis was often referred to as a ghost-town with nothing to do. The fact the word "nap" can be found in "Indianapolis" only made the name more suitable. The name Naptown also gained a new definition shortly after it's introduction. In the 1920s, the presense of the KKK was high in the state. They had established their own interpretation of the meaning for Naptown and made it known. As ignorant as it may have been, this meaning carried heavily for the next 33 years. Their meaning was finally swayed when it took a new turn from the musical influence of jazz. From here the term "Nap" layed almost dormant until the 1990s when rap group N.A.P. hit the local music scene. Since then the name Naptown has grown to be known nationwide. Many other names have derived from the term since established in the underground music scene. Some examples include but not limited to: Nappyville, Nappy Dugout, The Nap, Nappy City, Naptropolis, Nap, INap, and many more.---

  • Post Road,
  • BrightWood/Martindale,
  • HaughVille/Across 16th Street,
  • Hillside,
  • Duce Block (Westside and Near Eastside),
  • 3rd Ward (Westside and Eastside),
  • 4th Ward (Fo-block),
  • Hard Part,
  • Gangstaville Trey-four,
  • The Meadows,
  • Fountain Square
  • The Land,
  • 2G,
  • KenWood,
  • 40th-BLVD,
  • 40-O,
  • A-House,
  • Rural-Sherman,
  • BrookSide,
  • SVA (Sherman village apartments),
  • MLK,
  • Cross-town,
  • Dodge City,
  • Near-EastSide,
  • SouthSide Brick City,
  • Hawthorne Projects,
  • Park lafayette projects (HaughVille 2100),
  • (Baltimore) BlackBurn Terrace Project (East 3rd Ward),
  • East Trey-Eigh,
  • "Neighborhood",
  • String-Town
  • Dog Patch (Disputed)

are some of the more well-known hoods and projects in the city, alot of the slum areas have no name and are just known strictly by the nearest major street, especially the Near-Eastside area.