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Millwoods aka Millhoodz is a large area in the south side of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada which is plagued by gang violence, south of the Whitemud Freeway (14), east of Calgary Trail (2), west of 34th street, and north of Ellerslie Road. As Mill Woods was maturing, it was seen by many Edmontonians as an undesirable area in which to live, because of the lack of trees, the lack of amenities, the continual construction, the high crime rate, and the difficulty in navigating Mill Woods' loops and cul de sacs.

Mill Woods was originally composed of eight communities: Millhurst, Millbourne, Lakewood, Southwood, Burnewood, Knottwood, Ridgewood, and Woodvale. These communities are connected by a ring road, named Mill Woods Road along its east, south, and west extent and 38th Avenue along its north extent. Smaller ring roads, which intersect Mill Woods Road, connect the two or three neighborhoods typically found within each community. Newer communities, distinct from Mill Woods, are now being built to the east of 34 Street and south of Anthony Henday Drive. Within the circle prescribed by these communities is Town Centre, a business and service core intended to allow Mill Woods to be a self-contained community. It contains a major shopping mall, a hospital, a fire station, a transit terminus, a recreation centre, and a police district headquarters. Mill Woods has a significant minority population. With a population of close to 100 000 people, Mill Woods would be Alberta's third largest city if it were its own metropolitan area.

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