Mellow Man Ace

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Mellow Man Ace

Ulpiano Sergio Reyes, US MC.


Mellow Man Ace an original member of the rap group Cypress Hill. Known for his hit single "Mentirosa" which contains a riff from guitar great Carlos Santana. One half of the The Reyes Brothers. Was inducted to the hall of fame. Real life brother of Sen-Dog of Cypress Hill.

Recent Projects

Released "Ghetto Therapy" along with brother Sen-Dog known as The Reyes Brothers.

Appears on B-Real 's Gunslinger mix tapes 1 & 2

Has a cameo in the video "Los Angeles" and "Sliding In The Whip" both by B-Real and OBrown. Both videos are directed/produced by Director Hugo v., known as the Quentin Tarantino of music videos.