McCowan Road

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McCowan Road is a north-south street in Scarborough, Ontario in the City of Toronto, and extends into York Region. The road was named for Ruan McCowan, a Scottish family patriarch who settled in the area in 1833. The street, the former Lot 22, and later McCowan's Sideroad (officially called McCowan Road by Scarborough Township in 1956), begins at Kingston Road and extends into York Region. In Scarborough, there is a brief break at the Highland Creek between Lawrence Ave. East and Eglinton Ave. East; Danforth Road carries most of the traffic south-southwest of Lawrence. When the Scarborough Town Centre complex was opened in 1973, interchange access to Highway 401 was opened, with Exit 381. With greater vehicle usage, in that area, the road is now 6 lanes from Ellesmere Road to Sheppard Avenue, and additional exit ramps to/from the 401 have been constructed at nearby Brimley Road. North of Sheppard Avenue, CP Rail's Toronto marshalling yards use McCowan as a western limit, and stretch east of Markham Road.