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The Maximum Kingdom

Founded By Oscar “Foxy” Blake and Louis “Fisher-Man” Gates

Years Active 1960-Present

Territory Street through Hyde Road, South Sinclair street through west Bell-View Ridge, north Hidden Castle road through east 38 Ericson Blvd,Sky Park to the west, 1742 Kitty Drive to the East. Parker Saint Street to the North, St. Valentino Ave to the South,15 Hannibal street through Wormy street Park, Cardinal Street

Ethnicity Black and some Hispanic

Membership 460

Criminal Activities Drug Trafficking, Murder, Fraud, Identity Theft, Car Theft, Loan Sharking and Home Invasions

Allies Various gangs in the city and Surface

Rivals Zoner Nation, Make gang, Lake Tower Posse, I.N.K. gang and Wormy Street Villains


The Maximum's was started by Oscar “Foxy” Blake and Louis “Fisher Man” Gates. Louis already had a gang of his own known as the Whispers. Oscar at the time had just became the new kid on the block and didn't like the neighboring beefs he was force to act in. So he organized the kids on his street and named this association the Maximum Street Kings. Seeing a golden opportunity to strengthen his gang he joined forces with the much larger gang the Whispers. At the time both man where still in high school. They used this to create more members by saying that their gang was a Youth Club eventually drawing in other gang leaders to join. Eventually they gain membership, eventually to the point they had to splitter off into sub groups.

Oscar's War

In 1967 the Maximum's grow to a level of 8 different fractions. Little is known about the reason why but Oscar dropped the “Street” from his fractions name and began going by the Maximum Kings. A lot of his supports disliked his decision to change there name and want him to step down as leader of the Maximum's. Adding insult to injury he self proclaimed himself the king of the Maximum's gang. This caused a fighting war for each leader to act on. They draw battle lines and set afflictions with 3 of the leaders each division was welling to follow. Their was the loyalist to Oscar, renegades of the Louis and final Arnold “A-Snapps” Sapp. The fighting brawls spit out into the school yards for 3 years with no one leader out doing the other.

King Louis

During the 1970's either Louis or Arnold began the escalation of gun play. This was enough to have Oscar surrender his title to Louis. For his surrender they agreed to let Oscar live and operate in the safety of Maximum's. Louis then establish a hierarchy and rules of the Maximum's. Arnold wrote a charter for each leader to sign that state that it would never call for war against each other. Before advancing on other topic's Louis was arrested for 23 months on a assault and battery charge. Before he could be release he was beaten to death. It's not sure who beat him or why but Oscar moved back in his slot as king.

The Largest Kingdom

Oscar stretched the Maximum's territories invading on other gangs. This caused the Maximum's to drop there natural status. To help combat the rivalries he gain he broke the Maximum's down into 4 fractions. Over time they would form self allies. This power stretch would influence a name change to the Maximum Kingdom. By the 1980's the Maximum's began dibbling in the crack cocaine drug trade. The streets started fighting for a expansion of dope turf. This caused a break of allies amongst the cities gangs. The Maximum's waging war with nearby rivals forcing them back. In retaliation of being push back rivals targeted gang leader Oscar. Two attempts on his life made him step down and relocate to a part of the city much less drug influenced. Reggie “Atoms” Addams self appointed himself as the new king. 3 months later he was gun down. With each member of the Maximum's wanting to step up as king. They soon canceled the king title and started being self lead. During this time they broke up into 7 divisions.

Zoner Nation

In 2010 they have reestablish themselves with 8 fractions respecting each others boundaries. George “Birdy” Rankine a member of the Maximum Thug's introduce Lil Red Dawg a high ranking member to the Holo218 Families. They slowly meet on joining into final joining as a alley under the Zoner Nation banner. Since the 80's the Maximum's have been operating as a unorganized affliction. To help have a fair voice in the cabin they had to recreate a hierarchy for themselves. Doing this they have gather together as one kingdom. In 2013 they left the Zoner Nation to help structure and join rival Surface.

Sub Divisions

Inactive Maximums in 1999 establish themselves into 8 fractions. Going by the Maximum Kingdom they reestablish territories. Most of Maximum Kingdom has a list of 15 inactive crews.(Maximum Street Kings,The Maximum Union,Party Clowns,Maximum Street Posse,11th Street Maximum,Wire City Maximum,Sugar Demons,The Affliction,Maximum Street Squad,9th Street Knock Out's,Royal City Maximums,Church Hill Maximums,13 Road Hit-Man,The Juice Crew and Maximum Green Hearts)


The Maximum King's are the oldest name and gang under the Kingdom affliction. They are also the largest breaking down into their own clicks of eight. These clicks are known as the King's Ape, The Projects, Flex Maximum's, K Soul's, Royal Kingdoms, Maximum Knights, G-8 Maximums and the Street Sweepers.

Insane Maximum's are made up of Hispanic and Caucasian members. They are inked up in 9-13 tattoo's. They also have a loose independent affliction with the Sur 13 gang.

Maximum Loco's are the most violence out of all the Maximum's. They are made up of Hispanics and are often seen hangin out in there territory high schools and corner stores protecting they're gang turf.

Maximum Titans are the second largest and was founded by Rodney “Red” Bush in 1973. They rose as contenders in the drug market in the 80's. Since then they've rep there own way.

Maximum Gangsters are south of the kingdom separating themselves. They're use to be turf that now separates them, that now belongs to Make gang. Make gang and Maximum use to be a single gang. But for unknown reason they split into different fraction. They started off as the Whispers but broke up after the death of Louis. They we're reformed by Darryl “D-Bo” Landry as one of the 4 divisions in the 70's.

Maximum Legends are the smallest of the kingdom affliction. They are locked in a on going war with neighboring rivals. They we're started in the 80's by Jerry “Stone” Gladstone.

Maximum Thugs are broken into 3 clicks. The Q Masters, Big Homie Thugs and the renamed the Shirts. They we're formed in the 70's by Butch “Beefy” Marcus.

Maximum Jokers we're created by Oscar Blake and co-founder Juan “Sonny” Velasquez in the 90's. They are the miles from the kingdom. Identification They are showing up wearing Brown as there gang color as well as wearing Milwaukee Brewers as there universal attires. They've all together abandon they're divide businesses to come together as one. They still throw up hand sign of 7. As well as using the Holo's language known as “Food”. Every member calls themselves Max as well as taking offensive to Bake(Breaking All Kingdoms Everywhere) or Make(Murder All Kingdoms Everywhere). They are often seen with tattoo's of 7 point crowns or a circle with the initial of M.K surround by fire.

Chain Of Command

They first was lead by a king, prince, captain and soldiers. But since the death of king Atoms they drop the chain of command and began going by they're own self hierarchy. Some didn't even have one all together, but since there joining Zoner Nation they've recreated a hierarchy to fit there role as members of the cabin.

  • High Ace
  • King Boss
  • Principle
  • Vice Principle
  • Governor
  • Vice Governor
  • Soldiers

The high ace is the highest member but isn't under any gang but works under the kingdom affliction and peace charter. The boss king isn't the highest but isn't the lowest. They are made to fit the Zoner Nation role for them. They act as the ambassadors and spokesman for the Maximum Kingdom. The principle is the highest ranking member of the gang and makes all the rules outside of the charter. They are allowed to run there gang just as they feel but most always answer to the high ace and times of war and kingdom disputes. They also most work with the boss king on matters with the Zoners. Under the principle is the vice principle. They just work within the gang and ads the principle as their right hand in matters they are asked in. under them is the governor the governor is the leader of the streets they occupy and are allow to run the street they see fit as long as it doesn't conflict with their higher ups. Under the governor is the vice governor who runs the members on the street that is bounder in the hands of the governor. The lowest rank is the soldiers that range in ages of 12-39 years old. They are the one that put in all the work that ranges in the orders of there higher ranks.


Make(Murder All Kingdoms Everywhere)