Martha Eaton Way

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Martha Eaton Way

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The Martha Eaton Way highrises are located by Trethewey Drive and Black Creek between Lawrence Ave. West and Eglinton Ave. West in the former municipality of North York in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The area of Martha Eaton Way, on the north side of Trethewey Drive, west of Black Creek, is primarily residential. This area had a checkered past with speradic spats of violence pertaining to the local drug trade, although the crime rate in the area has dramatically dropped in recent years. The Martha Eaton Way apartments are frequented by the South Side Gatorz, the Trethewey Gangster Crips as well as the Five Point Generalz. Desptie popular belief, Martha Eaton Way is NOT public housing and is not registered under the TCHC[1].

Also see Black Creek.


Robbery on Martha Eaton Way

Woman in Grow-Op Falls To Her Death


Eaton way Niggas G'Z UP

SHOUT OUTS TO dem Falstaff niggas

yeye g'z up nigga Jane ST

Gatorz all day nigga