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The MNE Crew are a criminal organization that is infamously known to resort to violence to advance and protect their criminal enterprise. MNE is an acronym for Markham and Eglinton, the origin of this gang. Although the MNE Crew operated out of the southeast area of Toronto, their criminal influence extended well beyond that neighbourhood. The MNE Crew are cliqued up with the 400 Crew and has ties to internation gangs with roots from Jamaica. On April 1, 2009, Police arrested about 125 people in total and arrested members of both the 400 Crew and MNE Crew in a co-ordinated large scale raid dubbed Project Fusion that also identified a third international gang with roots in Jamaica called the Shower Posse who Authorities alleged supplied the two street gangs with weapons and narcotics [1].


MNE Crew Busted in What Police Dubbed: Project Fusion

Woman Alleged To Be Gang's Gun Supplier